What is this “Hokus Rackey” silliness all about?

Every now and then a person stumbles upon something (or into something) that just makes him smile. For whatever reason it happens to me often. Mostly it is the grace of God, but sometimes He uses simple-mindedness, and the lasting effects of adult onset A.D.D.! Regardless, this goofy song and it’s subsequent recording were the result of one such occasion in our lives about 15 years ago and was, in part, inspired by a true story. In 1998 my youngest brother (Tim) killed a record book buck at the Pond Creek National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arkansas. For quite some time it was on the books as one of the highest scoring 8-points ever recorded in our state, which got him lots of attention and magazine opportunities. So, in our excited jealousy we responded by fabricating this little story and setting it to music to have a little fun with some family and friends!
Hokus Rackey is a comedy deer hunting song about how we raised a deer to turn loose near my brother’s stand so he could kill a big one. Although it was all just for fun and really intended only for our family and friends, as people heard it small offers began to come which opened some unexpected doors including guest appearances on 2 local hunting shows and the opportunity to share the Gospel with a brand new audience.

10 years ago I was approached by some friends with a great idea of how we might use a comedy deer hunting song to help sportsmen share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their friends. With the help of some good friends in the music industry we produced this 3-track album consisting of two songs and a 5 minute Gospel presentation.
Hokus Rackey is the first song, whose title was simply a name created and used by our oldest son at the age of 4 when he began fabricating big buck stories (I guess it’s hereditary).
The second song is a ballad (and really is a true story) about a farmer we met in Florida and his journey to Christ.
The third track is a very simple attempt at explaining what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is and how it affects you.
The main reason I have waited so long to attempt to publish this “album” is because I really hoped to re-record the Gospel presentation and change the way I shared it just a little, but the opportunity has never afforded itself. So, before releasing the whole thing for people to share with their friends, I felt the need to make this public statement concerning salvation. It is not my intent to imply that a person is “saved” by merely repeating a prayer, or walking an aisle, or going to church. A person is born again when the Holy Spirit convicts them that Our Creator is not only real, but that He is Holy and we are not. Even the most morally upright person on the planet falls far short of what God requires (Romans 3:23). Because of this it is an absolute impossibility for us to ever reach Him. So He reaches us. Being crucified on the cross God took upon Himself the punishment for the sin of all of those who would believe Him! (John 3:16)
So how is a person saved? By BELIEVING every word God tells you about yourself and about Him. Believing is not something you do merely in your head. You believe with your life! Ultimately a person who believes follows Christ, lives for His glory, and is always being challenged and changed by His Word.
Please help us share this with all our friends and yours. The album is entitled “Hokus Rackey and the Gift” and is available for less than three bucks on iTunes and almost any other digital music store out there. If that is not a possibility you can listen to the gospel presentation and samples of the other songs for free at hokusrackey.com. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we pray you can use this tool to help you share the Gospel of Christ with your lost deer hunting buddies. Romans 1:16!
Here is the link.


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Pastor, First Baptist Church Redwwater, TX. Married to Debbie Edwards, 4 sons, 1 daughter, 1 Savior.
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