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“There is more hunger in the world for love and appreciation than for bread” Mother Teresa

The very word to many Americans often brings the image of children’s sad faces with bloated bellies, guilt or avoidance at the atrocity, or a distaste of advertisers constantly begging for money. Do we as Americans really understand TRUE hunger?  I know that in America there are people, often next door, who go days without food, shelter, and the daily needs that many of us take for granted. Yet still, even though we have poor and homeless, we are considered to be one of the  wealthiest of nations. However,is food the real issue?

The world is starving, but not merely for food. We are starving for something greater, and that is the presence of what we were created for. We were born lacking the sustenance needed to satisfy our very soul, the sustaining Presence and Righteousness of a Holy Creator.

While listening to a popular radio…

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